It is my privilege to announce that the Toastmasters International Leadership Committee has nominated me for the office of Second Vice President. This is a singular honor for my country and me.

I must thank all of you, my Toastmaster friends, for having given me your generous support in the past to serve Toastmasters worldwide.

"Change yourself. Change the world." My campaign theme - is based on the personal growth, changes and development I experienced while progressing through the different levels of leadership in the Toastmasters program, from Member to Club Officer to International Director.

I have traveled extensively and visited Toastmasters clubs and districts, attended conferences, and met Toastmasters holding diverse posts and positions. My visits to Region 13 were especially interesting, as this region consists of more than 37% of the world's population, with more than 2000 dialects and 50 official languages.

As an International Director, I came into close contact with the cultural diversity and uniqueness of many districts. I also made an exciting discovery: despite our diversity there is a common thread which binds us all - our passion to develop humanity and empower each other.

During these travels and throughout my discussions with district officers, what stands out the most is that our new revitalized education program is greatly anticipated. Keeping pace with technology and enhancing the interconnectivity between Toastmasters through the online "Meeting Room" is another welcomed development.

One of the great educational benefits I received as a candidate was the opportunity to talk by phone to hundreds of district leaders around the world. Among the many requests expressed to me were: strengthen the communication links between officers and world headquarters; improve the training of top three officers; prepare district leaders to excel in their current positions; and provide information relevant to the skills and knowledge needed to excel in progressive leadership positions.

My goal is to help our leadership teams address these needs. I seek your support and vote so that I may serve this great organization where the leaders of the future are made and trained.

Please vote Balraj Arunasalam, Second Vice President, Toastmasters International.

"Change yourself. Change the world."

Balraj Arunasalam, DTM
Candidate for Second Vice President
Toastmasters International